Wednesday, May 14, 2014

33 Months

Another 3 months have passed. I can't believe in 3 short months you will be 3!!
Ava has been becoming so independent!  She is learning skills like washing and drying her own hands,  taking her coat off when she gets home and hanging it up, and throwing away trash.  She can brush her teeth really good and wipe her nose.  She can put her shoes on (not always on the right foot though).  She can put pants on (but sometimes both legs end up in the same pant leg).  She can put on her hat and gloves.    She is about 65% potty trained.   Some other milestones are hopping on one foot, catching a ball, and riding a tricycle. 
Right now Ava is a blend of girly girl and tom boy.  She likes to run outside, play with balls, and ride her bike. She loves watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kung Fu Panda with Jon!  In fact, she's been playing with her Minnie Mouse dolls and having them "fight" (like ninjas).   She also likes to dress up with necklaces, play with make-up, and twirl in dresses.  She still likes Paw Patrol, Kai-lan, Bubble Guppies, and Doc McStuffins.  She’s also getting a little more into long cartoons.  Right now she is addicted to Finding Nemo and Kung Fu Panda.  She loves the tablet. 

We’ve done some  fun things recently.  We’ve been to Chuck E Cheese, Wonderscope, a Kids Concert, The Great Wolf Lodge, an enchanted forest, and attended the MS Walk.  She also had fun playing in the snow, playing at the park, playdates,  doing crafts, and indoor swimming.   She loves to go shopping with me.  Now that her behavior is getting a little more predictable we are much more comfortable taking her shopping and out to eat.  Our favorite place to eat is Panera Bread, we always split the PB&J kids meal + a bag of chips.

Ava's communication seems to expand daily!  I think it’s so cute when she asks me questions.  “Do you see a train mom?” while we are driving.  Or in the house, “Where did Dad go?”  Her new phrase that just cracks me up is, "OHH MAN...come ON!"  The tantrums are far and few between but she loves to pout!  Sulking shoulders, sad face, and even the hands on the hips!!  She also always wants us to play with her.  "Come on mom, lets dance!"  Or, "Come on Dad, I need you to play with me."

She is so sweet natured, silly, and funny.  She loves to give us hugs and kisses out of the blue.  I beam every morning when I tell her to have fun at school and she says, "You tooo, Love you!!"  We are so excited to see what the future brings.  We love having Ava in our lives and she makes us smile and laugh all the time. 

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  1. She is such a doll! I love reading what you experience daily with her and then getting to see it firsthand on occasion. Isn't it funny some of the things they say, and with such an inflection as if they were a teenager?! Chloe's phrase is "okkaaaay mommy" or "okkaaaay daddy" and she acts all put out when saying it too. haha!