Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Pictures - Sneak Peek

These are just a few pics I snapped with my cell phone during our photo shoot. 

This was an experience let me tell ya. I was quite disappointed the day of but now as I'm writing this I can hardly contain my laughter because of the hilarity of the situation.

First we'll start with Gavin. He was throwing the poor ducks off the bench and then chasing them around the yard at full speed! The photographer had a big trampoline that he was more interested in and trying to get him off it was a challenge. Then, he tripped and fell right in the mud. He stood up and his knees were totally covered!

Oh, and Avalyn.  She did good for about  60 seconds.  Until the photographer put a duck in her lap.  The duck flapped its wings and it was OVER after that.  No animals within 5 feet of her or she would have a complete meltdown!  We moved her to the flower area and took a few shots without any animals.

So, I'm crossing my fingers the photographer got at least a couple good snaps of these 2 for their spring pictures.  Or at least got really creative with photo shop!


  1. Aww, I really wish we would have gotten chicks this year to see how Chloe handled them. I bet the photographer got a few good ones. They sure are difficult to photograph at this age though! We learned that at our maternity photos last week.

  2. Oh my, this is so cute. I can totally understand the disappointment because we have this perfect image in our heads of what we want but I am certain you will still get cute pictures. Even if she is crying it will be adorable and at least you will have great stories to tell her about the pictures. SO FUN!