Monday, April 15, 2013

20 Months

This month has been all about being a big girl! You’ve started sitting on the toddler potty chair. We are not potty training yet, just getting you use to the chair. You’ve also started brushing your teeth. You like to help around the house too. Your favorite thing to do is sweep.

The big girl, at 20 months

You’ve started getting better at pointing out nose, ears, eyes, and mouth. You are also starting to count to five.

2 more teeth, I think you only have 1 more left on top to come in. These last few teeth have been causing you to be very fussy and irritable.
Learning to brush my teeth
New words:  apple, march, outside, ouch, go

You are obsessed with shoes. You always bring me your shoes and want to wear them around the house. After a while, you’ll bring me a different pair and want to change them! Same with your coat.

Just chilling in my pj's with my shoes and coat.
Your eating habits still baffle us.  One day you love a food and then the next week you look at it with disgust!  We get funny notes from preschool like, “Ate all green beans but no pizza”  “Ava loves refried beans” and  “Ava ate 7 chicken nuggets.”

Sitting on the potty like a big girl
You are getting very brave.  One thing you like to do is walk down your cube slide! You’ve had a couple falls and bumps this month.  You fell off the couch and also took a tumble on the tile in the kitchen.
Helping mom sweep.  Notice the shoes?
Fun things this month:  Playdates, going to the park and on walks, Monkey Business, Gymboree, Easter, Spending the night with Grandma


  1. Such a sweet face! Chloe has had a few spills in the last couple of days too - one off the ottoman in her room and the other off the bottom step - both on dad's watch I might add...Hope we get to see you ladies soon!

  2. She is so cute and precious! She is getting so big! My little guy is 21 months, it's such a fun age, isn't it?

    Love the pics!

  3. I love how their personalities are really blooming these days.