Monday, October 1, 2012

Officially A Toddler

Gulp, I said it. I've been holding on to baby Ava and refusing to acknowledge she's a toddler yet. This month though, there is no denying it! It is amazing to sit back and watch her explore.

Her new thing lately is spinning.  Round and round.

Then she leans over her car and spins it in circles too!

Climbing up and down and everywhere in between.

When she slides down she says, "weee!"

Balls are a new favorite toy.  She likes to roll, throw, and bounce them.

I wonder what happens if I drop this ball down the slide?

Such a silly, goofy, smart, and FUN girl!


  1. Tear...I don't want to admit I have a toddler either. I still find myself saying "good baby" all the time, or "hi baby." I think she's stuck with it for life.

  2. Aww. A bittersweet realization for you, I bet..loving where your toddler is now but missing the baby she was. Toddlerhood is pretty awesome, though - you're going to love watching her become her very own little person!:)