Monday, October 15, 2012

14 Months

You like to share: You are always giving us things. Toys, a cheerio you found on the floor, or feeding us play food!
You are a climber: You climb up the stairs, into your car without opening the door, under your slide, up your slide, and I even found you standing on your little pink chair.

You love to go outside: You walk all around exploring everything. You love your playhouse, riding in your car, playing with balls, and going down the slide.

You like to go for car rides too. Just say, “Ava want to go bye bye?” and you come running.

You are little Miss Mischief: When you have something you shouldn’t, you know it! You grab it and take off running as fast as you can. This month you’ve dumped over our drinks, starting throwing stuff over the gates, and figured out how to squeeze behind the tv. We block the front of the TV with a foot stool so you cant get into the cable boxes and now you’ve learned to climb on top of the footstool. I turn around and you are up there sitting with your face all the way up to the TV.

You are silly:  From standing on your head while playing with your train between your legs to sitting in a box watching cartoons, or dumping bins of toys on your head,  you always have us laughing.
You are sweet: You love to sit on our laps, give kisses, and big hugs.

Silly Girl With Train from Rachel S on Vimeo.

New words: “Miw” (milk), “ bee bee” (beep beep), and instead of “kee cat” you now say, “kit cat.” “Kit kit kit” Yes Ava, we see the kitty cat!! When you take baths you also say “qwaa qwaa” when you see the duck.

First time to a carnival, seeing farm animals, and riding a pony.
I think this tower needs a little something extra

There we go

Until next month!

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