Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Play Date

This months play group had a Halloween theme as wells as some Halloween food and crafts.  We had 2 pumpkins, a clown, Spider Man, Sleeping Beauty, and a pirate.

Food included "Pumpkin" Mandarin Oranges, "Ghost" cheese sticks, and Halloween sugar cookies

Mini pumpkin decorating!

Avalyn didnt keep her costume on for long.  She started pulling everything off one at a time, lol.  First the clips, then the bow, etc.

Playing in the tunnel

No one is crying, score!

Happy Halloween!


  1. You take wonderful pictures Rachel. It was lots of fun.

  2. Just found you through the PAIL weekly summary! As I was looking through this post I thought, "wait a sec... that's Chloe!" You must be a friend of Stephanie's IRL? Fun!! Welcome to PAIL. I look forward to following you and your beautiful little girl! :)