Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Happy

First off, can you believe this laughing happy little girl hid something from mommy and daddy?  Little stinker has a TOOTH!  We didn't even realize it because she didn't ever fuss.  She has been chewing and drooling for months now so we knew it was only a matter of time.  We noticed lately she has been playing with her tongue and chewing on it so we felt around in her mouth and sure enough she was feeling out her new tooth!  We have not been able to get a good picture yet because every time we try to look she sticks her tongue out.  So for now, enjoy some silly faces!

You want me to smile and make silly faces?  OK!

Have a wonderful weekend.  We are enjoying some company.  Aunt Kate and Cousin Jemma are in town to celebrate Jons birthday!


  1. What a doll! Hoping the teething process stays easy for you!! G did great with all of his until we got to the 1 year molars. That has been quite interesting...and trying at times.

  2. Such a big girl! She sure did a good job of hiding that tooth from mom and dad, little stinker. :)

  3. Oh I always say this but she is SOOO!!! CUTE! Just love that darling smile..huge congrats on her very first tooth too:) Have a wonderful weekend, friend!