Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avalyns First Tea Party

So I found another steal on Craigslist, this adorable girly table and chairs set!  I bought Avalyn the tea set when she was born, but just decided to bring it out now that she's old enough.  She really liked the little treats, probably because they are similar to her blocks. She's still a little small for the table and chairs but once she grows into it I'm sure they will come in handy.

Yay new toys

Got my tea and a treat

Peek A Boo!

Can I get off this chair now?

Would you like some mom?


  1. I can't wait to have tea parties with my little girl! That set (both the table and tea set) are adorable!! What fun!

  2. This is SO CUTE! Like Stephanie, I can't wait to have tea parties with my own daughter. :)

  3. Awww, that is such a special first! And I am sure it will be the first of many tea parties. She is so cute, and I love her tea set!