Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Months!

Sleeping great. You have a morning and afternoon nap and will sleep 10-12 hours at bedtime. I think you like to sleep because you hardly every fuss when we put you down. You like sleeping with your taggie blankie and listen to the music from your glow bug.

Still drinking about 28 oz of formula each day, usually 4-6 oz at a time. You also have a morning and evening meal. You like cereal and fruit for breakfast or baby yogurt. In the evening we’ve been giving you more “dinner” meals (stage 2 baby food) with a side of fruit. We’ve recently tried chicken & noodles, Mac & cheese with veggies, and vegetable risotto. You seemed to enjoy all of them. You are up to 2-4oz of baby food for your meals. We tried puffs but you just spit those out. We had more luck with yogurt melts. We break them into 2-3 pieces and you seem to like it as a little sweet treat.

Estimated 17 pounds

Estimated 27 1/2 inches

Diaper Size:
Size 2’s and 3’s. We usually use size 2 during the day and size 3 at night. Once the sizes 2’s are gone we will not be buying anymore.

Clothes Size:
A few 6 month sleepers still fit but we’ve mostly moved on to 6-9 month and 9 month clothing.

Hair Color:
Brownish Black. This past month I was able to use a teeny tiny pony tail holder on your hair. Adorable!

Eye color:

Funniest moment:
We noticed you had been chewing on your tongue and playing with it. When we felt around in your mouth we realized you had a tooth! We have no idea how long it was there because we were waiting for the fussiness and irritability and neither of those ever happened. I also thought it was funny when I put you in a shopping cart like a big girl. You just sat there holding on, but you were kicking your little legs while they were dangling. It was so cute!

Sitting unassisted for long periods. Stand on your own while holding onto something (for short periods and with supervision). Getting up on your knees when you are on your tummy. Got your first tooth. Scooting around in a circle on your tummy. Rolling over several times in a row (rolling across the room). Reaching and stretching really far when you want a toy. Babbling more. Blowing bubbles. You are more aware of your surroundings and if we leave the room you sometimes start to cry.

Your favorite toy:
You still love to jump. You will jump in anything. I had you sitting in the cart at the store and you were trying to bounce up and down! You LOVE your blocks and you’ll pick each of them up and tap them on things. You enjoy banging on your piano and activity table. You still like chewing on crunchy books. You’ve started playing with toys in the bath tub too. You recently got a little play house and are starting to interact with it more.

First time in the big stroller
First time sitting in a shopping cart like a big girl
First time eating Puffs and Yogurt Melts
First time drinking out of a sippy cup
First taste of juice
Tried chicken & noodles, baby yogurt, Mac & cheese, mango, whole wheat rice cereal
First toot
First time playing outside on the grass


  1. 7 months? Ah! Stop growing up, Ava! :)

    (I adore her smile. She always looks so happy.)

  2. She sounds like the best baby ever! I seriously can't believe how much more grown up she looks since last month. Crazy!

    Oh, and just a friendly tip - keep trying the different textures of food. My mom (daycare owner) says that kids can get really picky if they aren't used to different textures besides baby food consistency. We gave Kyler real solid foods at like 5 months but I think he did exceptionally well at "chewing" with his gums.