Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Highlights

We made it through our first Thanksgiving and trip to Nebraska!  Of course, one thing always has to go wrong.   When we first arrived we discovered with forgot something.  FORMULA!  We hadn't realized it sooner because Avalyn slept the entire trip.  The closest grocery store that was open was 20 minutes away.  We had to keep Avalyn entertained for about 50 minutes.  Good thing Dad made it back when he did because she had just about had it with us!!

At Thanksgiving lunch Avalyn was the center of attention, and as usual didn't mind being passed from one persons arms to another.  Even with all the commotion she managed to take a little nap in her stroller.  She did really well traveling and being away from her normal environment and routine.  It was fun getting to introduce her to everyone and the family even had a little baby shower for us.

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