Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Month Stats

Sleep: You sleep awesome at night and still only take little hour cat naps during the day. We are hoping by 4-5 months you’ll have a more established morning and afternoon nap. Now that I’m back to work daddy and I alternate nights. One of us will do the bedtime routine with you and put you to sleep and then the other will get up during the night. Then we’ll switch the next day. At bedtime we have been swaddling you because you like it. But lately you’ve been kicking your feet out of it and sometimes you get your arms out too. I think it’s time to say goodbye to the swaddler.

Feed: You like to drink smaller amounts more often. So you’ll usually have 3-4 ounces when you wake up and then before your nap you’ll have a 2 oz snack. You’ve started playing with your bottle a lot. I think you might start holding it soon.

Weight: Probably between 11 and 12 pounds.

Length: Probably between 23 and 24 inches.

Diaper Size: Still fitting comfortably in size 1.

Clothes Size: You are still in 0-3 month sizes. It’s been so fun dressing you in “big girl clothes” as opposed to just sleepers and onsies. You’ll probably move on to 3-6 month clothes soon since you have long legs.

Hair Color: Still black. You are starting to get a little bald spot on the back of your head, but otherwise you still have quite a bit of hair. I’m having so much fun playing with your hair. You never leave the house without a flower, clip, or bow in it.

Eye color: Still brown

Funniest moment: You laughed at me when I was making a silly face. It was so adorable. It was brief and daddy and I continue to make the face hoping you’ll laugh again! Also, daddy is determined you’ll say “DA DA” first. He’ll stare intently into your eyes and say “DAAA” “ DAAA” over and over again. He cracks me up.

Milestones: You are talking up a storm. I think you might be a singer with your little high pitched “Ahhh.” You rolled onto your side but have not quite rolled over yet. You love to stand and bounce up and down while we support you. You have a strong neck and are mastering tummy time for longer periods. You can also sit in our laps like a big girl. With supervision I have even set you in the bumbo chair. Recently we lifted you up on our feet and hold your arms like you are flying, you love it! You’ve been blowing little bubbles a lot and drooling a little. I hope it’s not teething yet!

Your favorite toys: You still love the piano play gym and swing. I think you miss the piano play gym now that you are in day care. They don’t have one so when you play at night you go CRAZY! You do like sitting in your bouncy seat and watching mommy put her make-up on in the morning. You are getting better at tummy time so you enjoy being on your stomach while watching and listening to us shake rattles and toys. You really like the Baby Einstein mirror we got you that makes animal sounds when the buttons are pushed. You are fascinated with your hands. You chew on them all the time. Sometimes you’ll hold your left hand out and look at it as if you were admiring an engagement ring!! You also like sitting on our knees while we hold your hands. We’ll bounce you up and down like you are on a horse. You think it’s a lot of fun.

Sleeping through the night (6:30pm to 5:30am)
Halloween and Trick-or-Treat
Meeting Santa! (Santa Pictures)
First time grandma and grandpa got to babysit you
First time with the day care sitter


  1. What a little sweetheart! She is growing so fast!

  2. It's so fun to read about what she's doing and try to remember Kyler doing all those things. She will probably say Dada way earlier that Mama but it is easier for them to say so don't feel bad. :)

  3. This is awesome! I wish I had done more of this kind of memory keeping when J was little. Avalyn is such a cutie and we can't wait to see her again!!