Monday, November 21, 2011

Avalyn The Sports Fan

Grandma Donna, Auntie Kate, and Cousin J were in town this weekend to babysit Avalyn while Jon and I went out for our 3rd Anniversary!  Aunt Kate even took the night shift so Jon and I could get a full nights sleep.  So awesome!

Well, with 4 Nebraska fans in the house I'm sure you know Ava had to pull out her Husker Gear.

You may remember this little Husker Cutie at only 2 weeks old!

Look how much she's changed!

Future Nebraska Cheerleader!

Don't I Look Cute In My New Chair?
Yay, Go BIG RED!

Ready For This Game Sock Monkey?

She's added some new bibs, toys, and a sports chair to her collection


  1. Oh my... she looks like such a big girl in that chair. She is so photogenic - always smiling. :)

  2. she is such a fashionable sports fan! how cute is she in that chair, my goodness! happy little girl.

  3. Your "future Nebraska cheerleader" pic is SO cute! I can't believe how she's changed! Thanks for sharing the weekend with us. See you soon! :)