Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Magic Kingdom Day 1

Our 3rd day of the trip we went to the most magical of all the parks! The Magic Kingdom.

Our goal for this day was princesses and rides.
We arrived for breakfast before the park opened.  It was nice to walk Main Street and take some pictures of the castle without a mass of people.

We ate at Belles Castle.  It was a nice breakfast, quick service, and the castle was themed beautifully!!

Magic shot with Tinker Bell!  Ava really thinks Tink was in her picture, lol!!

After breakfast we got in line for Elsa/Anna before the park was opened.  Lines get really long for these two but we were in and out in 10 minutes!!  Ava asked Elsa where her snow monster was.  Elsa replies, "Oh Marshmallow, he's such a nice snow monster.  Do you know he loves to wear my crown??"

Cinderella and Rapunzel

We saw Tiana later in the day.  We got a treat because she was doing meet and greets with Prince Naveen!!

Tinker Bell!  Before you meet Tinkerbelle they sprinkle "pixie dust" on you so you shrink down to fairy size!!

Ariel was so fun.  Ava loved flapping the fin on her dress with her.

Merida.  Ava asked her where her bow and arrow was!  She said (in her Scottish accent), "Oh I was shootin apples off peoples heads earlier and my Mum said I couldn't play with it anymore."

We went to the Enchanted Tales with Belle show.  It was a cute little show and the kids get to participate.

We had plenty of time for lots of rides too!

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