Monday, August 3, 2015

Fairy Tea Party

You can just tell by Ava's face she's so excited about this Fairy Tea Party!
My mom and I have been to this tea house a few times but this was Ava's first visit.  She insisted on bringing her own tea cup and tea pot.  The staff was so kind to fill it with pink lemonade so she could play with it at the table!

The yummy menu.  Cupcakes, fruit tarts, fairy bread, cucumber sandwiches, butterfly cookies, sun dried tomato sandwiches, chocolate chip scones, and mini cheese biscuits.

Here is Ava during the story telling.  You can see she's holding her fairy ring.  They made those during the tea party.

Ava with the Garden Fairy!

Here she is helping make her fairy halo.

So cute!!

Another project.  Coloring a fairy and decorating her with flowers.

Going on the fairy walk

Dancing in the fairy circle!

Ava found some fairy stones during the walk!

This was such a fun event!  Definitely my favorite event this tea house has hosted!

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