Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Ava Show

If I would allow it, Ava would watch YouTube videos all. day. long! 

It started with kids music videos.  Sometimes when I hear "Mommy finger Mommy finger where are you??"  I kind of want to throw the tablet out the window!! 

Then it moved on to videos with people creating things out of play-doh.  People opening a new toy and doing a review on it.  Videos of people doing a step by step video on how to dye Easter eggs.  And the most resent obsession is "treat eggs" and "prize eggs."

I noticed recently Ava would be in her play room and would "host" her own show!!  I was never fast enough to get it on video.  So one day I heard her digging through the cabinets for her Easter eggs.  Then she darted through the living room and into the play room and started rummaging through her toy box.  She walked over to me and wanted me to watch her open the eggs.  So I said, "HEY how about I make a VIDEO?!?"  She was all for it!

So here it is.  Do you think she needs her own YouTube channel??  LOL!!  She packed these eggs herself.  So all her "oh my's" and "wows" make it so funny!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Amelia does that too! She is obsessed with watching them open the little packages and explain what is in them, "You'll notice that Cinderella is wearing a pink dress with pretty". haha It totally creapes me out. Just last night I heard, "Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you" coming out of her mouth! These two must have gone down the same YouTube rabbit hole. I'm going to show her Ava's video and tell her that's the only one she can watch from now on. :)