Monday, April 27, 2015

Deanna Rose

It's that time of year again so we headed to Deanna Rose! At this visit, the kids got to do some things they have not done there before, like "mining", fishing, and the horse drawn wagon ride.

After the kids figured out what we were doing they enjoyed rinsing out their sand bags and finding the gems.

The fishing was awesome.  I think we caught 6.  I was surprised since it was just a small pond.  We made my mom put the worms on and remove the fish, lol!!

Ava wanted zero help.  She threw a fit if you touched her pole!  So she was like this most of the time, with the top of her pole sitting in the water.  She actually caught one little fish!

My mom got the biggest catch

Can't go to Deanna Rose without feeding the goats.  Since the farm just opened, all the goat babies were out!  Soo cute!

They also got to ride the horses.  This was Gavins first ride.

After lunch and ice cream they played at the playground.

My sister wore a hooded sweatshirt and it ended up being over 70 degrees.  She got desperate and bought this T shirt from the gift shop.  It cracked me up!! I could hardly stop laughing at this picture.

The babies are much calmer and dont jump like the bigger goats.  Ava loved feeding them.  She liked giving them one piece of food at a time.

We ended the day with the horse drawn wagon ride.  This was Gavins favorite.  Im not sure Ive seen him smile so big!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome visit to Deanna Rose! I need to show Chloe more of the extras like what you did. We went the day it opened and NONE of the goats would eat! All the kids were chasing them around just looking for a hungry one, but they weren't having any of it. It was bizarre!