Monday, March 23, 2015


One day, I was tired of Dora the Explorer and Little Charmers so I turned on Dino Dan for Ava to watch. Well, now its her new obsession. Dinosaurs all day long! Everyday she wants to watch a "new Dino Dan" because a new one records each day. She knows their names, she wants us to read books, and she even takes them in the bathtub and sleeps with them!

Here at the hibachi bar Ava ordered T Rex for dinner!  Not even kidding!!  The chef was great and played right along.  There he is grilling up the T Rex.

Dinosaur friends at breakfast

This was the mommy and her baby.  I've also overhead her making her dinosaurs talk.  For example, one dinosaur told another that they were "best friends."  Of course they also "roar" at each other.   I've also see her make them dance before.  So cute!  I love watching her little imagination.


  1. It's funny you mentioned the museum the other day. I wasn't sure if Chloe would be that interested, but yesterday morning Dino Dan came on before school and she really liked it!