Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dinosaur Exhibit

Since the hot item right now is dinosaurs, I took Ava to the dinosaur exhibit. I figured I better do it now before the next best thing comes along!

The Prairie Fire Museum is beautifully done.

Ava's Idol, Mr T Rex himself.  She looked up in wonder and said, "WOW...he has BIG teeth!"

This was hilarious.  The big screen had a camera of the lobby and then animated dinosaurs would walk around the screen.  Ava kept looking at the TV and then looking around the lobby trying to find the dinosaurs, lol.  In the picture below she's pointing, "There's the TREX!"

The exhibit was pretty cool.  There were animatronics, interactive videos, life size skeletons, and "touch a fossil" areas.


 Ava posing with triceratops.

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