Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This was Ava's first "door to door" Halloween experience. She was a little "iffy" at first about going up to the doors. She didn't really care for some of the spooky decorations, or the noise makers that were triggered by movement. But, after a couple houses she was pretty much running to the next one!

Turtle Power!

Halloween is Jons thing.  This is going to be a Daddy/Daughter holiday.

It was a little difficult for her to see and get up and down the porch steps with her mask on, so we decided to take it off.  Her turtle hoodie took it's place.

After an hour we returned back to the house to hand out candy. Ava LOVED this!!  She sprinted to the door when she heard the doorbells and she was so excited to put the candy in the kids buckets.

Here's a little video with some clips from the Trunk or Treat, school party, and trick-or-treating.

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