Monday, September 29, 2014

Ren Fest

We made our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival this year!

Ava was tall enough to ride some rides this year.  She loved the swinging dragon.  She kept yelling at Jon on the sidelines, "HI DAD!!"

We watched the birds as predators show.  This owl kept swooping through the crowd going from one instructor to the next.  Ava kept putting her arm out thinking the owl would land on her arm.

Horse ride 

Stopped for the juggler show

How magical is this!  I was so giddy myself about seeing the mermaids!  Too cool.

They presented Ava with a "magical sea pearl"

Fire show

You may remember Ava wanted to pet the elephants at the circus.  So she was thrilled to get to ride the elephant.  She kept petting it, it's really prickly and dry!

Much to my surprise, Ava chowed down on a turkey leg!  I couldn't believe it, she hardly gives any new food a try.  She loved it.

We got her this gypsy skirt.  Oh did she shake and jingle the rest of the day.  Adorable!!  Even after her nap, she got up and asked, "Where'd my jingles go?"

King and Queen of the festival!

  Mother Goose recited a couple nursery rhymes for Ava.

Princess Ava!  She sat so still as the lady was painting her face.

At the princess luncheon.

Our final show of the day.  My favorite dancers!

Here's a short video of Ava jingling, riding the horse, and performing for the queen at the princess lunch!

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