Thursday, July 10, 2014

Queen Elsa

Ava has never been into princess...until now! She LOVED Queen Elsa (she calls her Princess Elsa). She kept wanting to watch the video I took at the picnic, and then I showed her the cartoon! Now everyday I hear, "Wanna watch Princess Elsa!" She sings her little heart out to the songs too!

Looking at Elsa in awe!

Elsa painted magical snowflakes on the kids cheeks and sprinkled glitter in their hair.  Ava sat very still.

Checking out her magical snowflake.

Ava loves her!!

Afterwards Elsa turned on the music and they danced.  She also blew bubbles and the kids loved that.

Reading a story

Creating snowflake magic.  Ava was leading the pack.

At the end they all got to pick out a gift from the treasure box.

And now every time she watches Frozen she needs to wear a "pretty dress"  LOL!  She even insists on sleeping in dresses and then doesn't want to take them off the next morning, she wants to where them to school!  Here she is singing.  I'm pretty sure Ava thinks she's building that ice castle herself!

And now this is the new normal at our house!!


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  1. She looks beautiful in that dress and the picture of her hugging Elsa is the sweetest!