Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

We went to Nebraska to celebrate the 4th of July and what a fun time it was. Family, good food, dancing, fireworks, etc. Ava was ok with the smaller fireworks. She loved the snaps and the sparklers. After each sparkler went out she said, "can I have some more??" She was terrified of the bigger fireworks though. Uncle Rich had to drive her around the block to watch them from the car.

Bubbles with cousin Lincoln

Grandma teaching Ava how to throw the snaps

Grandma D and Kate.  We were glad Kate was feeling well enough to attend the festivities.  She had surgery last week to remove salivary cancer.

Smaller fireworks

The best family picture we could get

All the kids enjoying their dinner

Lots of dancing

Sparkler time

Fun fireworks show.  Jons cousin spun the wheel at the fireworks stand and WON $200 worth of fireworks!

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