Sunday, February 2, 2014

Butterfly Birthday

Ava had a blast at McKenna's 3rd birthday.   It was an adorable butterfly theme.   Pastels, butterfly garlands, crafts, and more.

There was a fun craft table.  The kids were able to design their own butterfly's using a butterfly sticker, tissue paper, and colorful rhinestones.  All the kids seemed to really enjoy picking up handfuls of rhinestones!

McKenna's new baby sister Kaelyn enjoying the birthday.


The punch box was a big hit.  The kids punched through the circles to claim their prize.  Ava was ecstatic when she pulled out smarties!!

Jaiden regarding her prize, "Look Mom, a hair thingy!!

The birthday girl blowing out her candle.

Ava kept saying, "ice cream!"  But when I gave her the ice cream she was not interested.  Turns out she thought cupcakes were called ice cream.  Here she is with her cupcake, she doesn't mess around, lol!

Ava cracks me up, she's eating her smarties with a spoon.

Time for gifts!

So cute how all the kids gather around for gifts.

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  1. Wow, another fantastic party! I'm sorry we missed it, it looks like she did a great job putting together all the details. That punch box is a great idea, the colors of the decorations are so bright and colorful, and it looks like the kids had so much fun. I love Miss Ava eating her smarties with a spoon. :)