Saturday, February 15, 2014

2 1/2

Wow, it's hard to believe you are 2 1/2! You are not a little toddler anymore. You are a little girl now. Full of personality!  You continue to keep us on our toes and laughing daily.

On January 2nd you moved into the 2 ½ -5 year old pre school class!  You were doing so well with the transition period they went ahead and moved you in full time a month and a half early!  You are getting better at your colors and are starting to sort things by color.  You also make sequence patterns, for example red yellow blue over and over in a line.

Some fun toddler talk – You say this while rubbing your belly,  “I hungee…for a sucka.”  You love suckers.
“What are you dooing?”  “Com ere Momma/Daddy…wite NOW!”  “NO Momma/Dadee!”  “Stop it!”  “I wuve you” “NOO Thank You” (while pointing your finger at us)
It’s also cute that you add  “ies” to a lot of your words, like  “Snackies”  and “Juicies”

You and your "snackies"
You have some new favorite cartoons.   They are Nick Jr’s Paw Patrol and Kai-lan. “Paw Patwol Peas?”  and “Wanna watch KiLaaan” are heard often throughout the day, lol.

We are working on potty training.  It’s going well with #2 because it’s easier to catch before it happens.  You always get sooo excited and say, “Momma Momma!!  I poo poo on Poddy!”  Then you go tell dad and give him a high five. However, #1 is coming along more slowly but you are starting to make the connection.

Look at how tall you are!  You are definitely going to be taller than mommy!

Some of your favorite activities are painting, reading books, riding your bike, singing, and dancing.

You love listening to music in the car.  You get mad when songs end though, lol.  Also, if I'm skipping around the stations looking for music and you hear something you like, you let me know!  "HEEEEY!  Tuwn. That.  ON!"

Some new skills - Riding a tricycle, spinning in place, walking on tip toes, half way stands on hands (donkey kick form Gymnastics), taking your coat off, putting your gloves on/off, taking off/putting on pants, going potty.

Fun things over the last few months – Playing in the snow, birthday partys, the Holidays, visit from Santa, your first show (Sesame Street), Valentines, Mr. Stinky Feet, and Fun Run.

You always give the best hugs and kisses.  You come and sit next to me and give me a big hug around the neck and put your cheek right against mine.  I love it.

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