Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adoption Picnic

Our Adoption Agency helped our KC playgroup host a family picnic. It was the first one ever done, and with the great turnout we are hoping it can become an annual event! There were 18 families there plus about 10 adoption staff. Several families traveled from St. Louis and one from Iowa. Some of these families I've been keeping in touch with on Facebook and it was awesome to meet them in person! The agency also had BBQ catered in plus homemade desserts!  The kids had a great time playing at the park, in the giant sandbox, and with the water guns.  Even a little rain couldn't ruin the fun.

All of these families created by the gift of adoption.  Adoption is awesome!

The park, or "wee" as the kids called the slide

Playing in the volleyball court (AKA the giant sandbox)
Do you notice this little boy?  If you follow along you've heard of Crosby, Ava's boyfriend.  He got his curls cut off.  He looks so grown up!

Ava playing with Georgia.  These two were instant pals.

Ava swinging with Charlie.




The kiddos loved the park

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  1. Such ADORABLE faces all around! And I'm from KC too... born and raised! :)