Monday, July 15, 2013

23 Months

Pure Beauty

This month has been all about pretending.  You pretend you are sleeping and you pretend you are a baby.  You love to play Dr. with your Dr. kit, checking our eyes, ears, and heart.  You also pretend play with your dolls (feeding them and pushing them around in the stroller) and your doll house.  You especially love when I knock on the front door of the dollhouse!

You are soo active!  You love to be chased all around the house, over and over again.  You have attempted to crawl headfirst down the steps.  You jump on two feet.   You’ll run from one end of the room and “bulldoze” us over.  You love dancing and singing.  You are also a performer and love an audience to applaud you.  You’ll do just about anything for attention!

You love swimming.  You now climb down the ladder into the deep end and will swim from the deep end into the shallow (with your puddlejumper of course.)  You still love your water table and playing with the hose.  You are getting better in gymnastics class and will now hold onto the bars and lift your legs.  You also love planking on furniture.


Your communications skills continue to grow.  You are putting together commands like, “come in”, “lets go”, “what is it?”, “come on”, etc.  Some other words you started saying this month are mine, eat, hot, cold, yummy, stuck, blanket, and pull.  You still jibber jabber as well.  Sometimes you’ll say the same sentence over and over and I just have no idea what you are saying!
Another way you communicate, you just pull my arm and walk me all over the house until I figure out what you want!

Fun things this month

Fathers day, swimming, water table, Dr. kit, reading books, dancing and singing

You also got to stay the night with grandma for 4 nights while dad and I had our first mini vacation away without you.  You did very well and we were excited to see you when we got back!

You are a total momma's girl!  I can't even go upstairs or leave the house without you throwing a fit.  Dad has to take you in another room and distract your so I can "slip" out!

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  1. She is so beautiful! 23 months goes by so fast doesn't it? Especially when you want it to slow down!