Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic

Ava and I attended a Teddy Bear Picnic for McKenna's 2nd Birthday! How sweet of a theme is this?

Teddy bears, picnic blankets, lady bugs, coloring, and story time.

Story time at the picnic

Cupcakes, teddy grahams, fruit, ice cream, and juice

Cute cake
A Teddy Bear on the run
Avalyn had a blast, I could hardly  keep up with her.  She really liked the balloons and coloring.  We also got to catch up with our other good friends Chloe and Jaiden.

Teddy Bear Jaiden
Teddy Bear Chloe
Teddy Bear Avalyn!

The Birthday Girl!

All the kiddos around the picnic table

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  1. Precious! LOVE this theme and may have to steal it if we have a little girl:) Ava looks too cute in her little mouse years! Looks like a great day.