Friday, February 15, 2013

1 1/2 Years Old

Since 18 months is a big milestone, I thought it would be fun to take some "chair" pictures this month.  But then I was quickly reminded why we don't do these anymore!

1 Month vs 18 Months

18 Month Stats


You started preschool and are the youngest in your class. You picked up quickly to the change and the new routine. Every day I pick you up and the big kids are playing with you. I overhead one little boy say to you, “You are so funny Baby” because you are the smallest one! It’s so cute, I think you look up to them. Your teacher says you are doing well developmentally and are “one smart cookie.”

Fun things this month:

Attended a Teddy Bear Picnic, Valentine’s Day, playing outside since the weather is nice, and you are now free to roam the entire first floor of the house.


You crawl up steps really fast and scoot down on your butt. You can walk sideways, run really fast, and gallop.

You are still tall for your age, at the Teddy Bear Picnic you were as tall as some 2 year olds. You are wearing just a few 18 month clothes, mostly 18-24 months and even a few 2T pieces.

You seem to have full conversations with the cat daily. I wish I knew what you were saying!

Two more teeth came through, for a total of 11.

You’ve started helping me put on your clothes and take them off. Sometimes you’ll bring me shoes or your coat, I think you are trying to convey that you want to go bye bye.

You have a “fake” cry when you throw little fits. You make huffing/puffing panting noises. Like you just ran a marathon and are short of breath, lol. Drama queen!

You’ve started saying, “NO.” Ugh, I knew this would come eventually!

You started saying, “I Ok” when you fall down.

 Favorite Toys

You still like dolls, kitchen set, tricycle, books, blocks, stuffed kitty, little people, and the Little Tikes Car

I always find funny things around the house that make me laugh. Like a pair of socks in Cinderella’s Carriage, A princess in the pig pen on the little people farm, and blocks in your snack bowl


If I say, “how much do you love momma?” you’ll open your arms wide

I’ll say, “big hugs for momma?” and you’ll hug me, set your head on my shoulder, and even pat and/or rub my back. So adorable!

You love attention from mom and dad, always wanting to climb on us and sit on us. If we are lying on the couch you’ll climb up and lay right on our tummy.

Sometimes you’ll look right in my eyes and say some jumbled jibber jabber and then squint your face and laugh at me! What are you saying?

You like to put things on our heads. For example, a Tiara or an empty bowl. You always want to put the tiara on dad, lol. He lets you but he always asks, “why don’t you go put this on mommas head?”


  1. That’s cute that she goes down stairs on her butt, Chloe slides down on her belly.

    “I ok”…so cute!

    If we only knew what they were saying. JJ and I say that all the time, “what is she saing??”

    Beautiful girl. Happy 18 months! (Holy cow!)

  2. Yes, Happy 18 months! How did that happen, btw..didn't you JUST bring her home?! Time flies! Your daughter's so beautiful and I love reading about her wonderful little personality! She sounds like SO much fun and super smart and loving!