Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Now that the gates are open and Ava can roam on the tile it's been more fun to play with her tricycle. She hasn't figured out how to pedal yet but she does scoot along with her feet. Her favorite way to ride is sitting backwards.

Ava's favorite way to ride the tricycle

Here is a video of Ava riding backwards.  I also captured a lot of talking!  Her grunting while trying to pick up the bike is hilarious!  Hmm, maybe an aggressive driver in the future?? 

You can clearly hear her say "twooo" and "kitt kitt kitt." ("kitty kitty kitty")


  1. SO CUTE! I love her little voice. I had never thought of the aggressive driver idea before. Goodness, I hope time moves very slow because I am not ready for those phases!!

  2. Oh my gosh, TOO funny and cute!! I am very impressed with her early riding skills:)