Tuesday, January 15, 2013

17 Months

More beautiful every day
Oh my you are becoming a very picky eater.  I’ll put the spoon to your mouth and you’ll promptly tighten your lips and turn your head.  Forget vegetables, you pretty much only eat meat and fruit.  We do best with basic finger foods.  Pretty much the only thing you’ll let me feed you is yogurt, you love it.
Your favorite breakfast.  Toddler cereal bar and clementines
You like baby dolls.  You’ve started hugging them and feeding them their baba.  You also still like the play kitchen, books, and stacking blocks.  This month you had a new record of 9 blocks.  That’s hard for me to even do on the carpet!  You’ve also started the “double block stack.”  It’s where you stack a couple blocks together at a time.  Another new thing this month is making towers and knocking them over.

Cute things – In the mornings I’ll let you play and little and wake up in your crib.  When you are ready to get out you yell “momMEEE.”  So cute!  You’ll also take a big gulp from your sippy cup and then follow by saying “ahhh” like it's a really refreshing drink.  If you have something you shouldn't, or if you don't want to take a nap, you think you are safe if you run and hide behind the recliner!  You also think it's funny to put blankets and buckets over your head while walking around.  Oh, and you can walk around backwards like a pro.
We have not succeeded in keeping you from touching the tv
You are still a great sleeper, always ready for bed at 7pm.  Sometimes you’ll yell out in your sleep but about 95% of the time we don’t have to go into your room.  You are up between 6:30am-7:30am.

A new tooth popped through this month for a total of 9.  Thats 5 in the front and 4 in the back.

I recently noticed the front of your clothes were wet a lot and I kept thinking your sippy cups were leaking. Turns out, you like to fill your mouth full and then spit it out so it drips down your mouth and all over your shirt. Yeah, so now we monitor the sippy cup use.

The double block stack
You’ve started the “limp drop move.”  This is where you go limp if you get mad.  Say you are mad your toy isn’t doing what you want, you go limp and fall to the ground and pout!  Same thing if we take something away you shouldn't have.  I’ll admit, sometimes dad and I look at each other and giggle.  Much to my dislike, You like to climb on the couch and run from one end of the other, stand, and jump.  It freaks me out!

Some new words this month are shoes, Emme (best friend from daycare), and a few numbers.  I don’t think you understand what counting means yet but if I say, “ooone” you’ll follow with “twooo" and even "thwee."  You also say, "Uh Oh" ALL the time!  We are also working hard to get your to recognize your body parts.  Every now and then you’ll remember your nose and belly, but it’s not consistent yet.  You'll also cover your eyes and play peek-a-boo.

Until next month!


  1. You are daring feeding her with no bib on! Chloe has started taking hers off midway through a meal, which ends up making a mess. I can’t wait to hear a little voice calling me from her crib, how sweet! Chloe walks with her blanket on her head too, and even walked into her closet door the other night. Is it bad I thought it was funny? And she also gets a drink and lets it slowly drip out of her mouth. She’s gone through spurts with this, but I noticed she started it up again last night – it’s been months since I’ve seen her do it. Funny how many of the same things are girls are doing! Such a pretty girl!

  2. She is so gorgeous and TALL. I can't believe how much she's grown. And I love seeing her with that baby doll. :)

  3. Beautiful! She is growing up so quick and is such a pretty girl.

  4. I cannot believe she is getting so big already. Her stacking hobby cracks me up. I remember Kyler going through all the same stages - picky eater, letting water drip out of his mouth onto his clothes, etc. It's a little sad when they aren't babies anymore but they really do become more and more fun (at least through age 2 1/2).

  5. She is so beautiful, I love the pictures. K has started not letting us feed her too. Ironically if I put the same thing I tried to feed her on her tray she will feed it to herself, she just doesn't want us feeding her, grr! And I'm right there with you on the couch thing - K loves that and it freaks me out so much! She is adorable and getting big fast!

  6. She has such a beautiful 'structure' to her, doesn't she? I love the pics of her on the couch and I love her pretty, pretty hair. Your documentation is so excellent and never fails to make me smile! I so wish I had done this with my OWN 'baby.' :) Love you!