Monday, December 17, 2012

Sweet 16!

The big milestone this month is that you climb up on EVERYTHING. No foot rest, chair, couch, or table is safe. So much for the coffee table in front of the TV! You can also stomp your feet really fast, like you are running in place.

You are a big girl. At your 15 month appointment you were 32 ½ inches tall and 23lb 10oz. That’s the 80th Percentile in both!
These stacking columns are one of your favorite toys
Your current favorite word is “mama.” If you need something, “mama?” If you can’t figure something out, “mama?” If you want picked up, want to eat, want to play, etc. “Mama” for everything! It is very sweet. I’m constantly saying, “yes Ava?” I think dad is getting a little jealous.

Your current favorite toy is a butterfly that projects stars onto the ceiling. You won’t go to sleep without it that’s for sure. In fact, you demand that you hold it when we rock you at bedtime. You like pushing the button and watching the stars change from blue to red to green. You also like your toy wooden spatula and spoon that came with your play kitchen.

Oh my you have learned to scream when you are mad. Not a whiny or “kind of upset” scream, but a full blown ear piercing raging scream! Luckily, your tantrums are far and few between.

Watch me mom
You still love stacking things.  Sometimes when you eat you’ll stack your food, like cheese squares, cheerios, or carrots. I even saw you stacking Christmas gifts!

Your new favorite trick
 You love Cousin Gavi. Seeing you two together is so funny. He’ll chase you all around and then you’ll chase him back. Sometimes you chase each other crawling! The whole time you are laughing up a storm.

Fun things this month have been traveling out of town for Thanksgiving, going to play at Paradise Park, spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa, and having your best friends over for a Christmas Play Date.  You also got your first pair of real tennis shoes.
With climbing on furniture comes standing.  We are working on this!
Until next month!

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  1. I can't believe she is in the 80th percentile. She doesn't look that big! She is such a cutie though and will be a blast this Christmas!