Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Our final stop was Grandpa and Grandma S's in Nebraska.

We had a very uneventful trip up which was wonderful. Avalyn did have some pack and play drama which made for a long night but after her nap the next day her spirits were good.

She was spoiled once again! Tricycle, books, clothes, baby dolls, and a new kitty to name a few.

We had a delicious lunch of prime rib, potatoes, and corn.

After a little more family time it was time to head home. So another Christmas in the books.  It was a wonderful blessed Christmas. It's too bad it goes so fast.

Milk and Cheerios..I'm good

New Kitty

Reading her "quiet book" with Uncle Rich

Jemma the Gift Card Princess.  She got 19!

Big Hugs for the Dada

Ava was more interested in the big lights than the ornaments


Are you my Dad?

Big kisses from Uncle Rich

Lunch time!

Patty Cake

Ava's got a full belly

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  1. Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas and your precious girl got some fun toys!:)