Thursday, July 19, 2012

Around The House With Avalyn

She loves playing with her Little People.  Here she is playing with the farm.

 She is getting pretty good at the shape sorter.

Getting Close

Got it!
Oh!  I found a drawer.
I wonder whats in this trunk

Let me see

Ah ha!  Diapies!
A new thing she has started..playing with her food.  She will squish each pea one by one, lol.

"Avalyn, what are you doing?"  "Nothing mom"
Maybe if I push it quick no one will notice

Queen Avalyn.  She is so cute.  She tries to put the crown on all by herself.

Give me the camera!


  1. Haha she is so funny. Busy busy busy!

  2. Ky loved the Little People too and still plays with them occasionally. She looks so big leaning over playing toys like that! Very funny that she squishes the peas. What a smartie pants!