Monday, July 16, 2012

11 Months

Still sleeping great. You have been sleeping consistently from 7pm-6am. I honestly don’t remember the last time you got up in the middle of the night. You are almost down to just one nap a day.

You are starting to eat more and more finger foods and even some cut up grown up food. You are also using your sippy cup more but you still like the bottle before naps and at bedtime. You LOVE yogurt bites. We have to get after you a little because you have started to play with your food instead of eating it. For example, you’ll take your first finger and squish all your peas one by one, lol!!

About 20 lbs

29.5 inches

Diaper Size:
Size 3 diaper.

Clothes Size:
Mostly 9-12 and 12 month clothes. You wear a few 18 month clothes.

Hair Color:
Dark brown. It’s getting curly curly! Like little corkscrews sticking out all over your head. I’m a little sad that we are not able to use clips and headbands now, at least for a while. You have learned to yank them out and you like to chew on them. For now we are sticking with the hair tie rubber bands.

Eye color:
Dark brown

Funniest moment:
We thought we were being slick by using some laundry baskets to block off part of our room (the part with the computer and cords). Well, it didn’t take you long to figure out that you could just crawl under the bed to get over there! Another funny thing this month, You always come stand next to me in the morning when I’m doing my make-up. So I always put chapstick on you. You even have your very own power brush that I tickle your cheeks with. After that I tell you how beautiful you look!!

You stack blocks, wavy bye bye, cruise the furniture, stand up by yourself, and talk lots more. Your latest words are, “I Yi Yi”, “Zhu Zhu Zhu”, and “Daa Dee.” You can crawl up steps. You also stand for a brief period of time without holding on to anything (about 10 seconds). You haven’t tried to take any steps though, except with your walking toys. You are quite the dancer, swaying side to side and shaking your arms. All we have to say is, “yay” and you start clapping. If we say, “spirit” you lift your hands like a cheerleader! You laugh a lot. You think it’s funny when I pretend to be a dog and sniff around your ears. You always play “catch me” when Daddy gets home. He’ll say, “I’m gonna get your” and you take off crawling as fast as you can. You let out the biggest squeal when he catches you. You are a pretty good little girl, but lately you have been testing us. Take the TV equipment for example. You’ll look at us and grin and then push the on/off button really fast. We had to put black electrical tape over it. So far so good! You’ve also learned to open cabinets and drawers. Recently, when you don’t get your way, you have started throwing little tantrums, lol.

Your favorite toys:
You love your swim raft. You walk all over the pool in that thing! Swimming is one of your favorite things to do. You still like the Little People sets, elephant ball popper, the kitchen, and play house. This month we’ve been playing music, dancing, singing, and reading a lot. We’ve also started putting away some of the baby toys, like rattles, to make room for birthday presents.

First Fathers day
First July 4th
First Baby shower
First time waving bye bye
First time standing up without pulling up on something
First time standing for short periods
First time going to Monkey Business
First time using a straw sippy cup
First time eating big girl food – Italian, Mexican, watermelon, cubed avocado, tomatoes, pieces of cheese, pasta, ground beef, hot dog, green beans, fish stick, grapes, cauliflower, and strawberries


  1. How sweet that you put "make-up" on her. That is a memory I have, of always watching my mom put on her make-up and I think of that often if Chloe sees me getting ready. She has had a busy month! I can't get over how much energy these kids have!

  2. That last pic is priceless!