Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun & Games

Just thought I'd post a few pics of recent silliness at out house.  Seems like theres something new to laugh about everyday!

Ready for some fun!
 Avalyn pounds on this top over and over to make it spin really fast.

The elephant ball popper is another new source of entertainment.  Avalyn likes to turn it on over and over.  Im not sure what she likes more, the elephant or watching mom frantically chase the balls so there is always one loaded to pop out!

Cats my favorite

Pet the puppy

I cant find Avalyn

There SHE IS!
 Daily occurrence, the belly attack!  Que loud squeals of laughter and legs kicking a hundred miles an hour.

That tickles!

Watch what I learned mom

Like my new teether!?
Dad likes to do it too!
Why is the water not coming out?

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  1. Her little hands on her book are adorable. She sure has lots to keep her busy. I agree, those popper toys are quite the workout.