Monday, July 12, 2010

A Year Of Parties!

Thanks to Jonathan telling me I needed I hobby I've discovered my love for entertaining. Last August I set a goal to have a party each month for a year. I actually did it! Here's the year in review.

June - Latin Night

March - Spa Night

February - Chick Flick & Chocolate Night

January - Parisian Rendezvous

December - Holiday Party

August - Birthday Tea


  1. You go all out, woman! I love it! Such beautiful setups and all.

  2. I'm amazed by your talents. Honestly. You really need to open your own business. I would totally hire you to help me throw a party!

  3. Has it been a year already? WOW! You have done a great job and I think you should continue on with your hobby. I'm sure all your friends enjoy it and I know your readers do too.

    What one was your favorite?


  4. that is such a great idea!! If you have more pictures of your parties I would love to feature them on my party blog. I LOVE the idea of a party every month!

  5. That's a great idea! Loved seeing the year in review!

  6. This is so cool! can't wait to read through them all...