Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentines Cooking Class

We went to a Valentines cooking class and it was a lot of fun. Ava got to make chocolate soda, brownies, and decorate cookies.

The class organized all the ingredients out but they were not proportioned out.  This was great because it gave the kids an opportunity to practice measuring.

Ready for cooking!!

Putting the syrup in the chocolate soda

Neither one of us enjoyed the chocolate soda, lol!

Ava enjoyed just eating the chocolate syrup

Next brownies!  Creaming the butter and sugar


Using her muscles to stir!

The final step

While the brownies were cooking Ava decorated chocolate heart cookies.

Such a fun experience! 

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  1. We need to try this, would love to go with you girls if you do it again in the future! It looks like so much fun!