Thursday, January 7, 2016

Science City

I took the day before Christmas Eve off and had planned on doing nothing, like vegging on the couch!! Well, that morning I got a message asking if I wanted to head back to Union Station to go to Science City.  I thought, oh what the heck, might as well!

I was glad to go back because when we were there for the Holiday Express we spent so much time waiting in line we didn't get to do any of the other activities available.  Like seeing the largest Christmas tree in KC, riding the train, and writing letters to Santa.

Ava and Crosby!

Ava dancing

Digging for dinos

This was SO cool!  We played with this stuff for quite a while.  It's magnetite.  In your hand it looks like black dust, but when you put it on the magnet it stands up and looks like a giant caterpillar!  We loved playing with it.

Human hamster wheel!

Water play

Crosby putting his hand in the tornado, and Ava checking out the wind tunnel.

Floating balls, so cool!

Light up musical tiles

Before we left the station Ava dropped her letter in the giant mailbox.

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