Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas (Part 2)

We made it to Nebraska for Christmas.  At Thanksgiving we didn't even get to stay for lunch because they were calling for an ice storm!

Ava woke up excited for more gifts.

She got lots of fun stuff including light up blocks, doll furniture, trucks, books, and a cute Christmas dress.

Our Christmas princess!

Annual Santa hat picture

Ava and Jemma

Ava and Grandma

Best family picture we could get, lol

Ava also enjoyed playing "Beanboozled!"  Basically, there are a bunch of jelly beans.  Some of them taste good, some taste horrible!  You spin the wheel and pick the color and see what you get.  Some of these jelly beans are downright disgusting!!!  Rotten egg, canned dog food, stinky socks to name a few.  Luckily Ava kept getting the "ok" ones.  Like toothpaste vs blueberry or pear vs lawn clippings.  She only spit one of them out.  She liked it so much she wanted to take the game home, lol!!  I only took ONE spin and thankfully I got caramel popcorn (vs rotten egg)!! 
Jon taught her this little tune, lol

Rocking out to Daddy's metal on the way home.  Jon is so proud, lol.

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