Monday, October 26, 2015

Frozen Party

I'm having Disney fever with our upcoming trip to Disney World next spring so we had a fun Frozen Tea Party with Elsa and Anna as special guests! 
The kids had fun completing several "tasks" to become true princesses/princes.  They popped bubbles, danced, and went on a scavenger hunt.  They also got to choose to get make up or face paint.  The event ended with them getting to pick three gifts out of the treasure box and getting pictures with Elsa and Anna.
Can you tell someone is excited??   That morning she said, "It's going to be so AMAZING when my friends get here!!"


Party Favors

Princess bread, cucumbers, scones, muffins, grapes, crackers, cream puffs, cookies, and mini sandwiches.
Ava with her knight in shining armor! 
All the kids waiting for Elsa and Anna's arrival

One of the tasks was to pop all the bubbles


Their favorite was "pop the balloon."  They stretched out into a circle until it "popped" and all the kids fell to the ground.  All the kids giggled with delight and thought this was the best thing ever!!

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