Thursday, September 17, 2015

Old Settlers Day

I surprised Avalyn by taking her to the Old Settlers Day. When I picked her up from school she noticed we were not going the normal way home and she kepts asking where we were going. I told her it was a surprise. When we arrived I said I thought we'd ride some rides. She said, "RIGHT NOW?!?" She was so excited.

Ava is quite the dare devil.  She was looking a bit bored on the kiddy rides so I took her on a few big rides.  She barely squeaked on!!  The minimum was 42 inches and she's 42 1/4!!  I rode a few with her and started to feel ill.  I'm getting old!  So the second (and sometimes third time) she rode by herself.  She just screamed with delight the entire time! 

We finished the night off with some games and ice cream.  Ava won 3 stuffed animals.  A puppy, shark, and fish.


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