Monday, February 16, 2015


Flowers from Jon 

Ava had fun at her Valentines party.  They had snacks and exchanged cards.

Ava and her teacher

The kids were pretty wound up over the dinosaur Valentines.

Ava's Valentines from Mom and Dad

This edible paint cookie was so neat.  I was surprised the paint worked so well. 

Ava made it about this far before asking, "Can we eat the cookie now??"

Per Ava:  "This is the best cookie ever" 


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  2. Where did you get that cookie from, it's such a fun idea! Chloe enjoyed her Valentine's Day party at school too and when we picked them up, the teachers let us know they had had a 'little' bit of sugar and were sending us home with the rest. Gee, thanks!