Friday, August 15, 2014

3 Years

Oh my Avalyn.  My Aba.  My pure beauty.  How can you be three?  I can’t believe how much you have changed this year.  This year we’ve said goodbye to the baby gate, high chair, diapers, and baby crib.  You are potty trained (except night time), sleep in a big girl bed, and ride a bike with training wheels.  You clean up little messes, wash your hands, and put on your coat and shoes.  You can feed yourself, drink with a cup, and express your feelings and frustrations.  You are such an independent little girl now. 

You are so girly and tom boy all rolled into one.  You now have an opinion on your outfits, and are going through a dress phase.  You would prefer to wear one every day.  You love to listen to music and dance. You love kicking and throwing balls.  You like to watch me put on my makeup and ask me about each step of the process, and play with my hair.  You love to play dress up.  You love Queen Elsa as well as the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles.  You love pretending you are a ninja.  Recently you have become obsessed with the minions on Dispicable Me.  “Can we watch aliens?”  you’ll ask.  You love animals and dinosaurs.  Recently at the balloon festival you wanted to see the “robot” (star wars stormtrooper) more than you wanted to see Princess Belle and Snow White.

You love both your Daddy and I.  You are my little mini me and want to do whatever I am doing.  You are my little shopping buddy and do a good job walking with me instead of getting in the cart.  First thing you say when Dad gets home from work is, “Cant catch me!”  And you run around the house until he catches you.  You love cuddling with him in the chair and watching cartoons.  You love Leo.  You lug him around everywhere.  You’ll give him a big hug and look at him and say, “OHH WEO.”  You tell him to give you a kiss and giggle when he licks your chin.  “That tikows”  you say.

You are doing wonderful in school.  You can count to 20, sing your ABC’s, count backwards from 10, name all your colors and shapes, draw the letter “A”, and sing more songs than I can count.  For the most part your tantrums are over, but we are working on sharing, listening, and patience. 

Although it’s hard to believe how much has changed this year, and sad it’s going so fast, it makes us excited to see what the next year will bring.  We love you so much Ava.

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  1. She is adorable! It does sound like it's been a big year for you guys, with more exciting things to come in the future I'm sure. Can't wait to celebrate her birthday tomorrow!