Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hibachi Bar

Jons family came to town to celebrate Jons birthday. We went to dinner at a hibachi bar. I thought for sure Ava would love it. I was wrong!

From the first fire scene Ava was freaked out! 

She climbed right up grandma and didn't really want to get back in her seat after that.  She wasn't too impressed with the cooking show.

More treats for Jon!

Not all was lost.  Ava soon discovered there was a DJ and a dance floor in the bar area!  She met a little fiend and they danced it up.

Taking a break!

This little girl with Ava was 1 year older and she was teaching Ava some steps.  Like jumping on one foot, lol.

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  1. Poor thing! It's been a while since we've taken Chloe to a steakhouse, I wonder if she would be scared now. And the dancing, she sure is a dancing machine isn't she?? Too cute!