Friday, December 6, 2013

Play Date

We scheduled a play date with a couple of my former co workers. So cool getting together, and seeing how things have changed in the last few years. Five kids between the three of us.

Miss Paige. What a sweetie!

Jack was hilarious.  Check him out trying to put a necklace on Ava.  Ava also had fun checking out their dog and cat.  Is this a laid back cat or what!

Snack time

Lauren and Emily

Ava pouring some tea.  She has REALLY gotten into playing tea party lately.

Ava and Emily playing tea party.  This was soo precious!  To top it off, they are sitting at a table and chairs meant for baby dolls, HAHA!!  These two went to daycare together and were best friends.  They have since moved on to different preschools but we plan to get them together often.

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