Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baby Dolls

Our house is starting to be over taken by dolls! We have crying dolls, crawling dolls, talking dolls, and singing dolls.

Then there is this doll.  The doll with the dirty diapers, lol!

Yes, that is felt poo!  It also comes With felt pee, a diaper, and a box of wipes.

Ava doesn't really get it yet, but when her friends come over (the ones that are about a year older) they think it's funny!  Seeing their surprised expression for the first time is priceless!

Ava is a good mommy to her babies.  She feeds them, kisses them, cradles them, and takes them on walks around the house in the stroller.  It's really cute to see her interaction.

Doll accessories from Etsy seller Madebylittlecrickets


  1. K's favorite are the baby doll diapers. I love the poo, that is hysterical!!

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