Friday, March 15, 2013

19 Months


Getting down the stairs on your bottom much better/faster this month. Two more teeth! They just keep coming in. A total of 13 now. You are up to a 5 ½ - 6 size shoe.

You are picking up on commands better. For example, sometimes you’ll pick something up if I ask. Or I’ll say “go feed the baby” and you’ll take the bottle over and feed the baby boll.

Fun things this month:

Playing in the snow for the first time. Visits from both Grandma D and Grandma K. Playdates with Crosby and Gavin. Dad’s birthday. First dinner out to a sit down restaurant!

I'm not really in the mood right now mom, lol
New Words:

“Oh no” “Go” “pop” “bubble” “thank you” and my favorite “whoa!” Plus a whole lot of babble that I don’t understand.

You’ll have a whole conversation in anything that resembles a phone (tv remote, baby monitor, etc.) “Hewwo?” “babble babble babble” “Bye”

They’ve been teaching you letter sounds at preschool. You say B, M, and P a lot. “buhbuh” “mmm” “puhpuh”

You also roar like a lion ALL the time!


I’m pretty sure you are an extrovert. When I take you to friends houses I can set you down and you’ll just start walking around and checking things out like you own the place. You seem to thrive around groups and out in public. I think you get pretty bored when we are at home all day. You are so goofy, always making monkey sounds and turning your head side to side really fast. You love to laugh. At your current age, you are pretty obedient and usually stop when you hear, “Avalyn KATE!”


You like your new bouncy jumping zebra. You have also been making a lot of ruckus with your drums. You’ve really taken an interest in Yo Gabba Gabba.
Better spirits now
Silly Stuff:

You’ve started dragging stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. You also like to hide stuff in the cabinets, like my boots! I’ve also found stuff floating in the toilet. The kitty food and water are another place you like to sneak off and get into.

You also have this new face. We call it the squinty face. You close your eyes and smile real big.

Overall, you’ve been really fun, crazy, and hyper this month!


  1. I love that she stops what she is doing when she hears her full name - so cute! She is adorable and growing up fast!!

  2. She is so cute, even when "not in the mood" for pictures! So funny your boots were in the cabinets. Kyler hid his dad's shoes in his bed this morning (although he is at the manipulative age thinking that would keep him home, not so much just doing it to do it). And Yo Gabba is a favorite in this house. It keeps both kids happy which is always a plus!!

  3. Chloe has starting roaring or growling too! She sounds so mean, but at the same time it's pretty cute. Isn't it funny to watch them talk into anything that they think is a phone? I love that she's such a social butterfly, I've definitely noticed that when we've been out together. Our girls are not babies anymore, they just keep getting bigger and bigger!