Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ava And A Christmas Tree

Ava loves looking at the lit Christmas tree and "helping" with the ornaments.  All the shatterproof ornaments are on the bottom!  She is so funny. She studies each ornament, takes it off the tree, puts it in her mouth, and then drops it on the floor and moves on to another one.

See, look at her study!

Leaving behind a trail of ornaments


  1. Haha, so curious and thoughtful. She just wants to be a good helper, mom. :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love that first one. She definitely looks interested in that tree... and what a beautiful tree it is! :)

    - Fiona

  3. Oh! Your tree is breathtaking! So cute to see Ava 'helping':)

  4. I thought we were past needing to put the shatter-free ornaments (if we have any of those) on the bottom - especially since our living room is carpeted. But Will helped himself to a bulb this weekend and hung it on an airplane he was "piloting" around. He carried it into the kitchen before it crashed onto the tile floor and broke. I don't care about the bulb, but of course we were all barefooot. No injuries though.