Thursday, August 16, 2012

12 Months!

It's my Birthday

Lets party!

You still normally sleep from 7pm to 7am. There have been a few occasions this month where you started crying in the middle of the night though. You are almost down to just 1 nap a day. You like to cuddle at bedtime and usually protest when it’s time to go in your crib (only for a couple minutes though)

You snubbed baby food as soon as you learned to feed yourself. So all this month you’ve been eating big girl food! You also got to try cake at your birthday and we’ve started you on milk. You are starting to pick up sign language for “milk” and “more.” Sometimes when I feed you you’ll say, “MMMMM!” after a bite. One of your favorite foods is blueberries. I can hardly cut them fast enough! You are down to just a couple bottles a day and are a pro at the sippy cup. One bottle at bedtime for sure. That one is going to be the hardest to give up.

Estimated 22 lbs

Estimated 30 inches

Diaper Size:
Size 3 during the day, Size 4 overnight

Clothes Size:
About half are 12 months still. Some 12-18 and 18 months.

Hair Color:
Dark brown. Corkscrews on top, tight curls in the back, and soft wavy hair on the sides. Some days we style with a pony or pigtails. Then others, we can use some hair product and wear your hair naturally curly.

Eye color:
Dark brown. I think these dark dark eyes are here to stay!

Funniest moments:
At your first birthday after everyone sang “Happy Birthday” you immediately grabbed the lemon pick out of your cake and ate the icing. Very cute. Thanks to dad you are prepared for football season and able to lift your hands in the air and yell, “touch down!” Speaking of dad, you so have him wrapped around your finger. Even when you are throwing fits he can’t help but call you princess. He’ll say, “What’s wrong Princess Fussy Butt?”

Talking a lot in your own language! Your new word this month is “num nums.” Bear crawling on your hands and feet vs knees. Taking steps! You can walk to the middle of the room before you fall (about 8-10 steps). You can stand up all by yourself. You can also stand for long periods and bend over to pick stuff up. You started playing peek a boo months ago, but now if I cover my face you’ll pull the blanket off of me too! You also climb, we call you a spider monkey. You climb right up your slide and slide back down. When we hold you, you always climb to the highest you can get. If we are sitting on furniture, you climb and peek over the back.

Your favorite toy:
Musical toys, puzzles, cars, books, blocks, and Little People. Anything with buttons. You love buttons! You like to play chase. You’ll give us that little look and then take off and one of us will go after you saying, “I’m gonna get you!” You also get to watch a cartoon episode each day. You LOVE The Backyardigans. You just stare, dance, and laugh at them. You also like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dr. McStuffins.

First Birthday!
First taste of sweets
First time taking steps
First cup of milk
First time going down a slide all by yourself
First time watching a cartoon
First manicure (kids fest)
First time bending over to pick up something
First time meeting a character
First time on a trampoline (kids fest)
First time eating big girl food – Diced grilled chicken, potatoes, chicken nuggets, beans, graham crackers, a couple French fries, blueberries, goldfish crackers, Spaghetti-o’s, rice, cherries, lima beans, cantaloupe, cheerios

I'm so excited it's my birthday

Bunny Love!

I think that's a wrap mom


  1. These pictures are adorable, and I'm loving her curly hair! Glad to hear the sleep issues worked themselves out.

  2. Her and Roman have so much in common. He sleeps the same amount of time at night but lately he's been waking up too. The pediatrician said that's normal for this age... we'll go with that :) Roman loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. His favorite food ever happens to be blueberries! She's just so precious! I love the pictures you post of her!!

  3. Yay on the taking steps! She is going to be running in a few weeks. :)