Friday, June 15, 2012

10 Months!

Oh boy, double digits!

Still sleeping great. You did have a nightmare for the first time though. You woke up screaming and it took a while to calm you down. You were fine when we left your room but as soon as we went back in you started screaming. Sometimes when I rock you at bedtime I’ll think you are asleep and then all of a sudden your head will pop up and you give me the biggest grin! We can put you in your crib for naps/bedtime and you will happily play for about 30 minutes and then be sound asleep.

You are eating great. You’ve started eating more stage 3 baby food as well as finger foods. You like to touch and feel the different textures of food. Sometimes you’ll try to grab the spoon and feed yourself. About ½ the time you will hold your own bottle. You are getting better at using the sippy cup. You are also more curious with our food and like watching us when we are eating.

Weight: About 19.5 lbs

Length: 29 inches

Diaper Size: Size 3 diaper.

Clothes Size:
Moved up to 9-12 and 12 month clothes. We have a few 18 months thrown in there too.

Hair Color:
Dark brown. It’s getting longer and wavy in the back, and it’s really curly on the top. It’s been more challenging to do your hair lately because you like to turn your head fast or look up at the ceiling when I’m trying to fix it!

Eye color:  Dark brown

Funniest moment:
You have started saying, “uh oh.” It is so cute! Every time you drop something or fall on your bottom you say it. You’ve also learned the word “cat.” Only thing is, you don’t say the “t” at the end. We just hear you yelling, “CAAAA!” every time you see her. In the mornings you also think its so funny when dad puts on his aerosol deodorant. You laugh every time. The last funny moment was when I put you in your swim suit that had the built in floaties. Poor thing, you could hardly move. It reminded me of Roger wearing the snow suit in “The Christmas Story.”

No more slither that’s for sure. You are a crawling speed racer! You can crawl over anything in your path, including dad and I. It melts our heart when you crawl to us as fast as you can because you are excited to see us. You can pull up on stuff like a pro and have started cruising a little bit. You can walk in your walker and walk pushing it from behind. You can also walk behind your push toys. We had to lower the crib mattress since you started pulling up. You also out grew your infant car seat so you now have a big girl one. Dad taught you do give high fives. He also taught you to give kisses!! We pucker up and you lean in and give us a wet baby kiss. You have started stacking blocks. You have also started dancing! You wiggle your arms up and down and sometimes when you are standing you’ll bounce up and down. You are also starting to say the “s” sound. You are always whispering, “ssssss.”

Your favorite toy:
We went Fisher Price “Little People” crazy this month, lol. You have the castle, zoo, house, and play ground. You love playing with them and pushing all the buttons. You even drop the kids down the slide! You are more interactive with your play house and kitchen. You turn things on and off, open and shut, and push buttons. You also like your ball maze. You drop the ball in and it winds down and there are 4 openings the ball can come out. Things you should not play with also seem to be your favorite. Paper, Kleenex, cords, crumbs, hair ties, etc. Anything you can get your sneaky little hands on. You also love to bounce and roll around on our bed. You are working so hard with your shape sorter.

First Memorial Day
First Boy birthday party
First high 5
First kisses
First time walking with your toys
First time pulling up
First garage sale
First drool rash
First trip to the neighborhood pool
First time eating mashed potatoes, arrowroot cookies, ham, blackberry, zucchini, gerber      cheese puffs, and lentils
First time eating big girl food – pieces of toast, pepperoni, mac & cheese, peas, carrots, and      baked apples


  1. She has the sweetest smile in that last picture. She's saying uh oh now?! I bet that's adorable! This was a big month for you miss Avalyn!

  2. What a little smartie! I can't believe she's already talking. That's great! I also love that little story about her popping up with a smile when you think she's asleep. It made me remember moments like that about 15 months ago. :)